Annual mean surface salinity

Annual Mean Surface Salinity Data

Alt Tag: Annual mean surface salinity.
Description: Interpolated annual mean ocean surface salinity data based on historical measurements by ships and buoys. Reds indicate high salinity values (37 Practical Salinty Units, PSS, or higher) and dark blues indicate areas of low salinity (33 PSS or lower). PSS is roughly equivalent to parts per thousand.Image shows the Passive-Active L- and S-band (PALS) sensor in the C-130 aircraft that was used during flights over Monterey Bay (California) in 2000 and 2003. These experiments were conducted over a range of longitudes (37 to 37.4 degrees) and salinity (31 to 35 on the Practical Salinity Scale, PSS, roughly equivalent to parts per thousand). Credit: World Ocean Atlas.