SPURS-2 Data Tool

SPURS-2 study area
Location of the SPURS-2 study area within the eastern tropical Pacific's low-salinity, high precipitation region.

The SPURS-2 field campaign utilized an extensive collection of instruments that took measurements from the water column to the sky. Because of the multidisciplinary nature of these measurements, it is important to identify relationships between the datasets. The SPURS-2 data tool is designed to allow users to interactively explore such relationships. Organized by their commonalities (e.g., depth of measurement, type of instrument, scientific discipline), the information is displayed in a broader context by showing direct connections. The tool also includes instrument descriptions, images, and links to relevant posts from the cruise blog. See the tool in action.

To use the SPURS-2 Data Tool (below):

  • ➣ Click on any box to reveal its connections to other terms.
  • ➣ Click the notepad icon to read the description of the center term, and to access datasets and other related links.
  • ➣ Click the camera icon (when available) to view photographs or diagrams.
  • ➣ Use the search (top right) to find specific instruments or topics.

Note: Efforts are ongoing to complete the production of finalized datasets. When finalized, they will be placed into a permanent archive at the Physical Oceanography Distributed Active Archive Center (PO.DAAC).

The SPURS-2 data tool has been optimized for desktop viewing. To use the tool on mobile, open the full-screen version.