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The science of salinity - supported by NASA satellite missions like SMAP and Aquarius, and in situ campaigns like SPURS - has many facets to explore. The thematic resources listed below include hands-on activities, online activities, images, movies, frequently asked questions (FAQs), and articles. Ranging from basic overviews to clips from scientist interviews and webinars, these resources can be an entry point to anyone curious about the salty ocean and its impact on our lives.
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The Role of Salt

More than just a seasoning

Water cycle diagram
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Following the Water Cycle

Vital to life - critical to understand

Temperature-salinity diagram
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Density and Ocean Circulation

Salinity and temperature drive the ocean's motion

Sea surface salinity map
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Salinity’s Connections to Climate

Salinity - a driving force for weather and climate

Global sea surface salinity
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Measuring Salinity

The perspective from space