Satellite & In Situ Salinity (SISS) Working Group: Understanding Stratification and Sub-Footprint Processes
February 14, 2018 06:30 PM - 10:00 PM
2018 Ocean Sciences Meeting, Portland, OR USA
American Geophysical Union
The major goal of this Working Group is to improve our understanding of the link between L-band satellite (SMOS, SMAP and Aquarius) remotely sensed salinity (for approximately the top 1 cm of the sea surface) and in situ measured salinity (routinely measured at a few meters depths by ships and ARGO floats but recently accessible to up to few cm depth by new profilers, and by surface drifters ...) and to develop practical methodologies for relating satellite salinity to other estimates of sea surface salinity. During this workshop, we will shortly review recent findings related to these topics, discuss SSS requirements for future satellite missions and future activities. Please contact J. Boutin ( and Nadya Vinogradova( if you'd like to participate and/or make a 5 minute presentation.