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Aquarius: The Instrument and Initial Results
[28-Sep-2015] Le Vine, D.M., Lagerloef, G.S.E., Ruf, C., Wentz, F., Yueh, S., Piepmeier, J., Lindstrom, E., and Dinnat, E.
Presented at the 12th Specialist Meeting on Microwave Radiometry and Remote Sensing of the Environment
Aquarius was launched on June 10, 2011 aboard the Aquarius/SAC-D observatory and the instrument has been operating continuously since the initial turned-on was completed on August 25. The initial observed antenna temperatures were close to predicted and the first salinity map was released in September. In order to map the ocean salinity field, Aquarius includes several special features such as the inclusion of a scatterometer to provide a roughness correction, measurement of the third Stokes parameter to correct for Faraday rotation, and fast sampling to mitigate the effects of RFI. This paper provides an overview of the instrument and an example of initial results. Details are covered in subsequent papers in the session on Aquarius.