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Climate Change and Currents
Climate Change and Currents
Source: NOAA National Ocean Service
[15-Sep-2018] The overall goal for this lesson is for students to learn more about the effect of ocean currents on climate change and determine if the possibility exists that rising atmosphere and ocean temperatures might trigger a meltdown of the Greenland Ice Sheet which could, in turn, stall the Great Ocean Conveyor Belt. Learning Objectives: (1) Students will be able to answer basic questions on ocean currents and their effect on climate change. (2) Students will be able to discuss what the effects might be if thermohaline circulation (a part of the large-scale ocean circulation that is driven by global density gradients) stalls. (3) Students will be able to evaluate climate change data and forecast future trends.
Online resources and data sets are provided, along with articles needed for prerequisite knowledge. Time required: three 45-minute class periods.

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