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In-Water Technology
Source: Salinity Processes in the upper-Ocean Regional Study (SPURS)

The SPURS field campaigns utilized an extensive collection of in-water instruments and equipment to measure salinity, including the following:

  • Ship-based measurements are collected from a ship, or with equipment that is mounted or towed while underway.
  • Stationary instruments collect measurements from a pre-defined location that does not change, such as a mooring or tethered buoy.
  • Free-drifting instruments collect measurements from an oceanic device that floats on the surface. Modern drifters are typically tracked by satellite or GPS.
  • Mobile instruments collect measurements as they move through the water. These differ from drifters in that they do not move at the whim of a current, but can be directed to desired locations.
Use the SPURS-2 data tool to explore the multidisciplinary datasets obtained by these instruments.

Ship-Based Instruments

Underway CTD (U-CTD)
Microstructure Profiler
Conductivity, Temperature, and Depth (CTD) Rosette
Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP)

Stationary Instruments

Surface Flux Mooring
Prawler Mooring

Free-Drifting Instruments

Profiling Float
Lagrangian Drifter
Surface Drifter

Mobile Instruments

Slocum Glider
IVER 2/Eco-Mapper
Wave Glider