Global scatterometer percent RFI, January 2013

January 2013

Alt Tag: Global scatterometer percent RFI, January 2013.
Map Description: Global map of scatterometer RFI at 1.26 GHz, the frequency of the scatterometer on board Aquarius, for January 2013. The scatterometer is important for correcting for the effect of ocean waves (roughness). Each data point is obtained by averaging scatterometer measurements acquired over a 1.44-second time window. The color scale indicates the percentage of these measurements that are suspected to be corrupted by RFI within the time window (and are thus not used to calculate salinity). Red indicates areas that have over 80% of their sampled data flagged for RFI. Dark blues show relatively little RFI, less than about 10% of samples are flagged in these regions. This monthly composite map was produced by Paolo de Matthaeis (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center). Credit: Paolo de Matthaeis, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.