Aquarius/SAC-D - stowed and deployed configurations

Aquarius/SAC-D - Stowed and Deployed Configurations

Alt Tag: Aquarius/SAC-D - stowed and deployed configurations.
Description: Schematic diagrams show the Aquarius/SAC-D observatory stowed in the launch vehicle fairing (left) and after the deployment of the Aquarius Reflector and Solar Panels (right). At right, the various Aquarius and SAC-D instruments are labeled including ROSA (Radio Occultation Sounder for Atmosphere), NIRST (New Infrared Sensor Technology), HSC (High Sensitivity Camera), MWR (Microwave Radiometer), ICARE (measures high-energy radiation environment), SODAD (measures the size distribution of micro- particles and space debris), along with various communications and other antennas. Credit: NASA Aquarius.