5th Aquarius/SAC-D Science Meeting Scheduled
The Aquarius/SAC-D satellite mission will convene the 5th Science Meeting 21-23 October 2009, Buenos Aires, Argentina. This year's theme is Science Data, Research and Applications.
The mission, scheduled for launch in May 2010, involves international contributions by Argentina, the United States, Italy, Canada, France and Brazil. Aquarius/SAC-D is an observatory that will provide measurements of ocean salinity, ocean winds, rain, sea ice, sea surface temperatures, soil moisture, high temperature events (fires and volcanic activities), nighttime light sources, atmospheric temperature/humidity soundings, space environment and autonomous data relay from remote ground stations.
This event will meet the international Aquarius/SAC-D science team, soon to be selected through the NASA and CONAE-MinCyT Joint Selection Process. Sessions will address Ocean and Atmosphere studies, land applications, and calibration and validation. The meeting is open to any and all interested researchers and data users.
Selected principal investigators will present their projects, which will cover a range of scientific studies and practical applications, such as the global hydrological cycle, ocean circulation, climate variability, oceanic CO2 flux, land processes, land use, soil moisture, natural hazards, health applications, cryosphere, operational forecasting, among many others will thus be discussed further.
A second announcement within the next few months will provide call for abstracts, specific registration, venue, lodging, agenda and other useful information.