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Comparison of Satellite-Derived SST and SSS Gradients Using the Saildrone California / Baja and North Atlantic Gulf Stream Deployments
[06-Jun-2020] Vazquez-Cuervo, J., Gomez-Valdes, J., and Bouali, M. Saildrone is an unmanned surface vehicle that has the capability for measuring multiple atmospheric and oceanographic parameters. Because it has one minute continuous sampling, it provides a unique opportunity for the validation of SST and SSS gradients. For this study, direct comparisons were done with six satellite-derived SST products and two satellite-derived SSS products from SMAP. Overall, correlations (see table) for SST gradients ranged from 0.25 for DMI to 0.39 for MUR. SSS correlations were considerably < 0.15. Results indicated that high correlations for absolute values of SST and SSS with Saildrone do not translate to gradients.
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